My Philosopy


Gabriella Camardi is the blogger behind the health and wellness blog, NutriLive Wellness

Based out of Toronto I love everything about nutrition, health and wellness.

My interest in nutrition has stemmed from many years of trial and error, but only in recent years did I begin my #wellnessjourney. For years I had struggled with hormonal issues, but only when I reached my mid-20s did I decide to do something about it. After experiencing prolonged periods, substantial weight gain, tiredness and acne I decided I had enough, so I started looking for some answers.

My exploration led me deeper into the world of nutrition, and to a new outlook of what health really meant. I started to learn that the path to health and wellness is not about deprivation and limitation but more about a balanced lifestyle, with wholesome food and gratifying thoughts.

Slowing making small changes to my day and keeping a more balanced focus, I started to experience gradual benefits such as: more energy, a clearer mind, reduced acne, and weight loss. After much research and learning on my own, I decided to enroll in IHN (a Toronto based, holistic nutrition program) so I could get a good foundation of knowledge to continue my exploration and help others start their #wellnessjourney.

Through this journey I have realized how much I love sharing the recipes and knowledge I’ve gained so that it can help others like me that have felt stuck in the past! Because of this I cannot wait to share my #wellnessjourney with you all! My hope is, that if I can spread the love and joy that I found in this #wellnessjourney to anyone, then this blog will be a success!

I love to document my journey on Instagram @NutriLiveWellness and this blog, so feel free to check them out, and share any suggestions or tips you might have!