It’s been awhile

Life has a way of throwing things into perspective, and for the last four months I could not for the life of me explain why I started this blog!! It left me, and my heart walked away from it.

Today, as I sat on the couch, and snotty nose deep into the first half of Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, it came to me! I remembered I started a wellness journey. It was that simple.. I got so wrapped up in a small portion of wellness that I missed out on the rest. My focus has been food and nutrition. But when my life changed, food wasn’t on my mind (shockingly); instead, it was focusing on: purpose and who I was and what I wanted next. When this started to come up I started to feel like a fraud when talking about food so my heart pulled away.

I started spending my time taking classes, and reading about crystals and tarot, going to fitness classes, meditating and praying. Who was this person? This had nothing to do with food or nutrition or anything I was remotely interested in before!! Queue in the judging thought: “Great another thing I lost interest in and dropped in the blink of an eye.” I was perplexed by the thought: How do I continue writing about this if I’m interested in something else? Something I know forsure is the moment I’m dead set on something I can’t go back. And I was dead set that nutrition and food was constantly on my mind as it had been before! Undoubtedly nutrition and food fell to the back burner because my heart wasn’t into it. And now I struggled with the though of: Great, now what?

Today, it dawned on me the reason for this is WELLNESS! Nutrition and food is but a portion of the wellness journey and not the entirety. I was so focused on one aspect that when my life got a shakeup, I had to explore the other aspects!!

So here I am four months later, proud to finally realize that the excitement in my heart for wellness has never left; I had just defined myself into a small aspect of a bigger picture!

What that means now is that I’m back! Not focusing on just food and nutrition, though very important, but also on lifestyle, fitness, and whatever other tools the universe decides to present me with, in my life to bring me (&you) wellness.

So stayed tuned there will be more to come

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