How & Why to start a Journal

I wanted to share something that becoming near and dear to my heart with you, writing a journal.

I started dabbling with journal writing a few months back, very on and off. It was only within the last month that writing in a journal has become a daily practice and a saving grace that has helped me stay out of my head. I have always been someone to over analyze a piece of detail about a 1000 different ways and that always results in emotional havoc. Continually playing a situation over and over makes it very hard to let go of because, well, you are constantly holding on to it, and continually manifesting it into your life. It seems so intuitive, but of course the things closest to us are always the hardest to see!

I decided to start consistently writing in a journey after my long term relationship had come to an end. I was devastated to say the least. I loved my ex-boyfriend and I wanted to continue a future with him. When that came to an end, that threw me for a loop. I had felt certain in how everything was going so when it wasn’t going anymore that was a complete re-assessment of what I wanted. How could I be so sure that everything was so good but then come to an abrupt end? And of course this queued in the over analytical side of me that started to continually ask questions; was I oblivious of what was happening in our relationship? had I pushed it into something it wasn’t? What was the trigger? I just didn’t understand!

So I started writing it down, every time a thought or question came up. And you know what happened? I felt relieved, and the questions started to slowly stop cycling through my mind. The act of just writing the thought, released it from my mind. Over the days the questions continued to pop up, but they didn’t dominate or clutter my mind. Instead, writing in my journal, allowed me to get some clarity and allowed me to avoid the impulsive emotional outburst to get my answers. Which in the end, I realized I didn’t need the answers to those questions. All those questions, I kept asking for were just excuses for me to avoid the true task: heal and grow from the experience. (Funny enough I ended up getting the answers to the questions I had been asking myself. Oddly enough the universe will always give you what you need).

By replaying the experience, it was my way of holding on to the situation. I wanted any excuse to continue holding on to the relationship that was part of me for quite sometime, and that I had expected to have in the future. I also knew that as much as I loved it all, the ups and downs, and would never change it, I have to let go and start a new. Writing in my journal, did just that! It allowed me to put my thoughts down, and as the thoughts came onto the page, they were released from my mind

“Writing it down allowed me to let go. I was releasing it, and not holding on to it anymore.”

This doesn’t mean my healing is over, but I’ve made quite the stride in the right direction to grow from the experience, and in a way better spot than I was last month, last week and even yesterday. I owe this progress to the fact that I took the time to journal, and work through those feelings.

For those of you that have always thought about writing in a journal or you are someone that’s in your head that has never thought of trying to write, I urge you to try it! It doesn’t take much effort. It doesn’t have to look pretty, it doesn’t have to make sense, and the grammar doesn’t even have to be correct! You just write whatever comes to mind.

If you have thought about it but don’t know where to start here are some tips:

Just start writing!

In my opinion, this was the best way to journal, to get over an emotional hill.  Any time I found myself thinking of thoughts that would cycle in my mind, and I would get upset over them I’d pull out my journal. Honestly, it’s as simple as that. Disclaimer: I probably looked a little crazy, not going to lie but whatever it made me feel better, and I’m all about that! I’d feel so much better after writing, or at the very least I would feel as though I had so much more clarity. You end up writing things out that you didn’t even realize were sitting there. Then, when you see it there on paper, it clicks and makes sense!

Meditate & Writing tag team

A good combo to writing in a journal, is meditating. After listening to a few Gabrielle Bernstein videos (by a few I really mean I binge watched for a week straight), and reading the Universe has your Back, I started to incorporate free writing after my meditation. I found this method of journal writing (if you would even call it a method), especially helpful after the initial waves of emotions have settled and passed. This I find, is a method that I will be using going forward to do my journal writing on a daily basis. As I typically don’t go through my day to day replaying situation in my head (at least I try not to), there isn’t much of a need for me to pull my journal out to release the thoughts. So I use this meditate and writing tag team duo as a way to reflect on my day and relax before I head to bed.

Writing Intentions

A new type of writing that I’m trying, this month, is setting monthly intentions. I saw this very cute idea from the beautiful Jordan Younger creator of The Balanced Blonde. Essentially, you write a list of intentions you set for yourself for the month. You can make it as simple as you want or you can get creative, pull out those markers and let the colours  and doodles fill your page. When I sat down to write my intention page, I put on some fun music, and went to town with my markers! I completely loved the experience and I’m looking forward to doing this for many months to come. This journal writing style is different from the above two styles, I mentioned, because this isn’t so much releasing held on thoughts and emotions, but more so writing down intentions that you want to manifest in your life. Nonetheless, such a great outlet for getting what is inside of you out into the world!

All three styles are very different but have been useful at different points of my healing. The one thing they have in common is that after completing the exercise I have a lighter and more positive energy than before starting which is ultimately the goal of the exercise.

Anyways as much as I loved sharing my experience, I have rambled enough! Now I want to hear from you! Have you tried any other technique to get out of your head? Please share them with me as I would love to give them a try. If you haven’t tried writing in a journal before did any of these three methods resonate with you?

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