Say goodbye to Candida: what to expect on a candida diet Week 5

Another week bites the dust!

As the weeks have been progressing I find that there are many similar challenges I encounter week by week, but each gets a bit easier as it progresses. Here is a recap of my previous weeks

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
There are three major wins I want to share with you after 5 weeks on this journey!
1. I've lost 15 pounds and what has me really celebrating is that my clothes fit differently!

Sometimes the challenge with checking the scale is that we see the numbers moving but nothing is happening. In reality the scale just shows a number and doesn't really indicate the quality of change your body is undergoing. When the number on the scale drops but you are losing water weight or muscle weight this isn't a good sign. But when you notice that your clothes are fitting more loosely then you start hitting the jackpot! So I am happy to share that this is the case for me!

(On an even better note it will mean I can reward myself with a shopping trip at this end of these 8 weeks ;))

2. No need for snacking!!!

This is a huge bonus for me because it gives me flexibility. I can have a fat packed breakfast, a large nutrient dense lunch and a light snack for dinner which is pretty awesome for my crazy hectic schedule. It can be overwhelming to prep three square meals plus snacks everyday, especially when I'm working the amount of hours that I do- with a full time job, part time job, part time school and blogging. So I'm all on board for the added flexibility that intermittent fasting provides me with.
3. Not a craving insight.

I'm going to share something completely personal with you: this past week I have been going through a hard unaccepted period in my life and needless to say my emotions have taken a roller coaster journey. As I brought to light in Week 2,

I use food as a gauge to how much control I have in my life.

And when I feel like I lose control of other aspects of my life… well, there goes the eating regiment. I will eat anything and everything in sight! As much as this emotional roller coaster has gone up and down and done loops, my eating has stayed on track. In the past, when I've gone through something emotional, I would turn to food and immediately  feel worse because I "cheated" on my diet or had a binge success that made me feel like shit! I wouldn't binge eat and know I was doing it for 'lack of control' I always attributed to a mindset that I was fed up on not being able to eat certain things. But really I was just fed up with not having things go as planned.

It's only recently that I realized that this behaviour was a self-sabotage of not feeling like I had control of a situation, and manifesting it through an area I had complete control in- eating healthy. So this time around, I am so grateful that I'm avoiding this viscous cycle, and I can attribute this to the fact that a) I've been working to deal with my emotions in a healthy way and not "eat" them away b) and this has been easier to do because my blood sugar isn't crashing every few hours; Which would have had me searching for food in an emotional sugar crazed state.. HANGRY much?!?!. To be honest this whole experience has felt LIBERATING!!! to know that I have more control

With these three major wins, and a new self revelation I continue on to Week 6 with a hopeful outlook of what's in store 🙂

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