Say goodbye to Candida: What you should expect on a Candida diet- Week 4

Another week down, and I’m officially more than half way through!!

As much as I know what the benefits are of staying on the candida cleanse, it can still be difficult and feel restricting at times.

Knowing that I have completed half of the program really helps me in knowing that I will soon be done. This was the exact challenge I was having this week!! I believe that this feeling of restriction comes from the lack of variety. Eating can easily fall into a similar pattern day in and day out, leaving us with very little wiggle room for variety. As I pushed through the week I came up with three steps that will help spicy up my eating routine:

  1. Choose 2 new recipes to try. This week I started my co-op placement with Meal Gardens and when I got access to their site I was so excited to try a new recipes!
  2. Making salad bowls with multiple toppings. Sometimes I find I can get stuck in what to put on my salad. As I’m always using the same boring ingredients like tomatoes, cumber and olive oil, which can get pretty repetitive- anyone with me? So this week I really focused on making my salad bowls unique and adding new toppings. I ended up trying a Sushi inspired bowl, a Mediterranean bowl and a Mexican Fiesta bowl (I made sure to write down all those recipes for you so I could share them with you!)
  3. Play with spices and herbs! So if you are anything like me I had my set spices; I knew what to do with them and where to use them and I stuck to it. The problem with this, is it becomes BORING! Spices and herbs add flavour, and by adding flavour you explore different options. For example a dressing with a yogurt, cucumber and dill will give you a very refreshing salad with a Mediterranean/Greek flavouring. However, if you take that yogurt and cucumber dressing and swap out for cilantro and cumin instead of the dill, you get a more spicy Mexican flavour. Moral of the story is use your herbs and spices they will help you with variety and after all they are mother natures medicine cabinet so you can’t go wrong.

For the remainder of the week my progress went well. I attended a wedding shower, and the menu was an open buffet style which was perfect as it gave me the freedom to pick and choose what I wanted with out asking the servers many questions.
My meal was very satisfying and I was able to even go a second round. I stuck to my veggies! They had a variety of grilled, steamed and raw veggies which allowed me to create a beautiful veggie spread for myself. There was also some chicken available which I had, but removed the skin so that I could avoid the seasoning as I didn’t know if it contained any off limit ingredients.

The most notable moment of the day was the dessert table! It was a beautiful collection of pastries, fruits, cookies, cakes and sweets which made it quite difficult to pass up. During this time I opted for a cup of peppermint tea to help me stay on track and avoid walking over to the sweets table. I think if I had experienced this any sooner than this week I would have found it way more challenging but now I find that my sugar cravings have completely gone and it was more the mental aspect of not having dessert at an event.

With this I sign off to start Week 5! Keep you posted on how that pans out

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