Say goodbye to Candida: What you should expect on a Candida diet- Week 3

Hi Wellness Seekers! 

Make sure to check out my progress on Week 1 && Week 2.

After Week 2, I was ready for a better week and surely that’s exactly what I got! 

Some of the experiences I had in Week 3: 

  • E-N-E-R-G-Y Power! Last week I was in a huge energy slump and after making some much needed adjustments my energy came back full throttle. Productivity wise I’ve had such a clearer mind to get things done, and when I wake up in the morning I am ready go (of course I still hit snooze once.. okay maybe twice…).The point is throughout the day I’ve been KILLING IT! 
  • Hormones are kicking in. So some of you may see this as a negative but let me explain why I am THRILLED about it!! After being on the pill for 9 + years I can safely say my hormones were not the key players and the artificial hormones were directing my mood, feelings, sleep, cycle- essentially my entire life. Once I got off the pill I figured surely my hormones would start doing there thang, but 3 years later and I can tell you I still don’t feel “right”. However, this month was a bit different, I found that I had a mood shift and body shift before getting my period. And you are probably thinking “why are you happy that you were a Raging Ging and feeling like you were about to get your period?!?” Well because my hormones are doing something… which is better then not having anything from them over such a long span of time. Don’t get me wrong, I want to regulate them to avoid mood swings and any extreme sensation but at this point the fact that they are becoming powerful enough to show changes is a great sign that they are back and actively present. This makes me so hopeful that I’m on the right track to getting these bad boys in check! 
  • My period wasn’t three weeks long!! This is the biggest win for me by far throughout these three weeks. I started this candida cleanse not because I had candida overgrowth in my gut but because I had a fungal overgrowth in my uterus and ovaries. I’m sure this had a huge contributing factor to my continually bleeding, and I’m happy to say this month that I’ve gone down to some spotting throughout the month and a more “regular” flow during my cycle. (As I write this I’m still not done my period but I will be sure to keep you posted on the progress on my next check in!) 

Things that kept me on track this week: 

  • As always: meal prep! This one is going to be my safe haven and go to every single week…because it works!  
  • Water water water. Last week I saw the effects of low water intake and just how important it is to drink water on a candida diet to flush out the toxins. This week I kept a mug at my desk and continually filled that with water and it seem to help keep me drinking more consistently then just having my water bottle. 
  • Scheduled my life to the T. One thing that always throws me off of my eating plans is being stressed and unprepared. Again, this was a jammed packed weekend with concerts, studying, and family events. So my remedy for it is to plan out my days. Using my icalender on my phone, I listed when I had to be at each event. Why is this important? Well for 2 reasons 
  1. I was preparing myself and thinking a head of what I would need to remain successful 
  2. Personally when I am stressed I feel like it’s a loss of control so I compensate with food. This is actually a very common tactic ( that’s why we turn to comfort foods). So by mindfully planning I’m regaining that “control”

If you have been on fence about starting an eating program and not sure where to start or what to expect I hope these past few weeks have provided you some guidance and inspiration. Leave me a comment below and let me know where you are on your #wellnessjourney 

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