Saying goodbye to Candida: what you should expect on a Candida diet -Week 1 

For years I have dealt with hormonal imbalances with the only solution presented to me was to take birth control. After being on birth control for about 10 years I knew that this was no longer a viable option for me; I had tried it and it had failed me plus added negative side effects.

Now my plan of attack is completely based on alternative health, in hopes that it will give me a new solution that has not been explored.  After seeing a holistic nutritionist we narrowed down that the root cause of my hormonal imbalances is a a slow liver and fungal infection aka candida that have spread to my ovaries and uterus. For 8 weeks I will be on a candida diet to remove the fungal infection, and on a liver support to help my body excrete the fungus.

Week 1 has surely been an adjustment. I’m going to share with you the tricks that helped me complete week 1 successfully

  • Meal prep and grocery planning

I nearly never go to the grocery store without a list in hand and meal ideas written down. This trick works in two ways: (1) you buy exactly what you need and nothing more ie those cookies or chips you’ve been thinking about. (2) when it comes to the meal prep you know exactly what ingredients you are using for your meal, making meal prep faster. You can download your free meal prep and grocery list sheet HERE

  • I drafted a list of acceptable snacks

On a candida diet many foods are off limits so being informed about what you can and can’t eat prior to those hangry moments is key!

  • Attitude shift

The biggest downfall for me, and probably most of you is that when you start a health regiment you put yourself in the mindset  that it’s too restricting and we CAN’T do it. Think about the words you use when implementing a new lifestyle change, “I can’t eat ______”. By using the word “can’t” you are removing your choice to do this, and you always have a choice! Instead,  the better words to use is DO NOT; “I do not want eat ______”. This statement vibrates the fact you are choosing to do this instead of it being pushed on to you, and believe me this will help!

Of course like every lifestyle change bumps along the road happen. What matters is that you learn and move forward from them with a game plan.

The challenge I encountered during this week: Eating out

Of course it always happens that when you want to start eating healthier there is always some big event taking place! Well of course this week was not any different for me; I had two birthday celebrations and both were going to restaurants. This is how I navigated the situation:

  • Snack before

There won’t be many instances I say to snack before a meal but this is one of them. By eating a small snack prior, you will be able to focus on the task at hand: find acceptable menu items. If you aren’t extremely hungry you will be focus on the menu, and also ignore the bread and butter they bring to the table.

  • Ask questions about the menu

Yes, you are going to be one of those customers, that ask about ten different questions. That being said there is a way to go about this so you don’t completely annoy your server.

  1. Let your waiter or waitress know you have dietary restrictions so you will be asking a few questions about the menu
  2. Pick three menu items that look to be sugar free. This way when the waitress or waiter returns you can ask them about your first option and if that doesn’t work you move on to the next and then the next so they aren’t waiting for you to make up your mind on what to ask next.
  3. Adding a house salad with olive oil and lemon on the side is the prefect addition to any meal you get. This is a simple request for restaurants to fill and it allows you to explore other options like a bun-less burger, or top the salad with chicken, steak, salmon etc to make it a meal.
  4. Ask if you can substitute your side for seasonal veggies (then removing any starchy veggies like potatoes and corn)
  5. Thank them and tip well! We should always be doing these two things, but when your server has gone out of their way to accommodate, a little extra appreciation goes a long way!

My first week of the candida diet definitely was a challenge but in all went pretty well. Now for the good part… the benefits I experienced:

  1. More wakefulness – I’ve always been a chronic napper on my commute to work and this seems to have subsided this week. (Hopefully it persists)
  2. Armples be gone– Armples are the pimple like bumps you get on you upper arms and triceps. I found that a lot of those bumps diminished, with only a few remaining
  3. No bloat– I got to say goodbye to the extra pouch that appears on my stomach after I eat, which was definitely an added bonus
  4. Weight loss- 8lbs!!– I’m hesitant to include this benefit because it was a substantial weight loss in just one week. I want to be able to track the inches not the weight as this can be predominately water weight, as carbohydrates hold water.

Overall week 1 was a success, and I will keep you posted on how Week 2 goes


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