Why We Love Natural Deodorant (And You Should, Too)

Alright guys I’m going to get a bit hippie for you… In this post I’m going to lay out the benefits of natural deodorant and why you should make the switch today! But before we get there let’s look at the science behind sweating

What is sweating?

Sweating is the body’s process of

  1. Control body temperature
  2. Detox toxins

There are two types of sweat glands; one type of gland is distributed throughout your body, and the other type of gland are concentrated in the under arm and lady bits/man bits regions. The glands distributed throughout your body is largely used to control body temperature. They will release water, salts, and toxins. While the larger glands distributed in the under arm and lady bits/man bits region will release water, salts, toxins, proteins and fatty acids. These larger glands are more used for toxic waste as the lymphatic nodes (the super hero glands in the lymphatic system that filter and kill the bad guys aka harmful bacteria) are more concentrated in these areas.

We have bacteria all over our body (a balance of good and bad bacteria), which is needed as a preliminary safe guard from harmful bacteria  getting into the body. This body guard bacteria will eat the protein and fatty acids released from these sweat glands which causes us to be smelly!!

How does standard deodorant work and what are the concerns

Well the name says it all-

Deodorize = rid of odour

anti = against  & perspire = to sweat

These products will use chemicals such as Aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex GLY to clog the sweat glands and kill the bacteria.

If you remember from above we have superheros in our lymphatic system that kick bad bacteria butt and remove them out of our bodies via these sweat glands. Then our balanced bacteria on the skin will eat the fatty acids and protein for growth. What happens when this doesn’t happen? Firstly, we don’t detox properly or have a hard time doing so. Secondly, we kill the bacteria on our skin that can lead to more harmful bacteria to growth on our skin and makes us more susceptible to illness, infection etc.

What makes things worse is the chemical being used to clog the sweat glands has been linked to breast cancer in research. In addition, Health Canada has this chemical on it’s List of Ingredients that are Prohibited for Use in Cosmetic Products (anti-antiperspirants and deodorants are classified as cosmetics under Health Canada).

Dangers of Antiperspirants

It is deemed harmful in certain chemical states, combinations and levels. The chemical limit in products is 20%, and the average quantity I have seen in antiperspirant is anywhere from 15%- 18.9%. Like any other chemical there is a concern for bio- accumulation, and deodorant is used daily if not more frequently. I use to be the type of girl that would carry an extra one in my purse as a precaution, so once a day was a minimum for me for sure!

The wonders of natural deodorant

In comes the super hero- natural deodorant! This bad boy works by instead of clogging your pores, it uses ingredients that are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal, to help in the prevention of odour  formed from the bacteria. An ingredient like coconut oil can single out the harmful bacteria, get absorbed and damage the bacteria cell from within. You can then have added ingredients like corn starch or baking soda to help you feel dry, and essential oils to help with scent.

Making the switch 

Natural deodorant get’s a bad rep because as soon as people switch, their bodies have been clogged for so long that it goes into an over drive. There is also the fact we have been inhibiting sweat for so long, that now that you start sweating it seems excessive. Here are a couple tips in selecting the prefect one:

Detox your arm pits!! 

This can be done by mixing white clay and water, and slathering a coat under your arm pits 10 minutes before jumping into the shower. The white clay is perfect for sensitive areas, and it will help draw out any impurities. Do this for a week and you will see a great  improvement.

Choose a deodorant that’s good for you 

We are all unique individuals, a formula that works for one will not work for all. Some people will prefer a citrus scent while another may prefer a floral scent. Some people will prefer creams while another may prefer a spray. The key is to have fun with it!

Here are some suggestions:

  • Saje Under $15
  • Routine  Under $30
  • Purelygreat  Under $10
  • DIY containing natural butters, oils, baking soda, clay & essential oils

Be sure to let me know how your transition goes! And remember…

Keep calm and sweat on

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